Coach Kristi (Team Coach)

Coach Kristi (Xcel Program Director/Platinum Coach/Beam and Floor Coach Optionals) Coach Kristi first entered into the gymnastics and dance world at 3 years old. Kristi won her first State Championship at the age of 5 and won her first Junior Olympics at 7 years old. Kristi reached elite gymnastics status at 10 years old. As a junior gymnast Kristi was one of the United States’ top-ranking athletes nationally. From 1986 to 1989, she placed first in the all-around in every single competition she entered. At her first U.S. National Championships in 1987, she won the all-around title in the junior division; she repeated her success the following year, despite competing with a broken foot. By 1986, the Atlanta Journal Constitution stated that not only was she considered to be the state’s best but also widely recognized in the “world” as a rising gymnastics star. As Kristi moved into the senior ranks, she appeared to be on track for the 92 Olympics. However Dixon’s Olympic ambitions were derailed when first she broke both ankles and tore her ACL competing in Arkansas but then after months of recovery time and returning to the gym was heartbroken again when she sustained a career ending injury while performing a simple skill. Kristi left the sport behind for good or at least that is what she thought. After college Kristi decided that she could not just leave gymnastics in the past and decided to share her love of gymnastics with the younger generation. She opened a gym and never looked back until her and her husband was relocated to Florida in 2018. Her coaching career includes; 17 years of judging at a national level, Trained 9 national champions,
Exclusively trained 13 athletes for college gymnastic scholarships, Extensive experience choreographing routines for state, regional, national, and eastern champions of her own and at other gyms around the US Kristi is married and they have a 24 year old daughter and a four month old granddaughter that they are absolutely in love with. Outside of having a true love and dedication for the sport of gymnastics she is also a LCPC (licensed clinical professional counselor).