After School Program


All of the below forms must be filled out and turned in for your spot to be reserved. Your registration fee is due when you drop off the forms and your credit card will be put on auto pay to be charged the 1st of every month (except for August when we start mid month).

**Student Information Form

**Authorization to Transport

**Liability Waiver

**After School Program – Update

After School Program 

Are you having trouble fitting your after school activities into your busy schedule? Let us help! We offer after school pickup! Don’t just settle for babysitting. We will provide a snack and offer great after school activities and games. Pick up is no later than 5:30pm or 6:30pm if they participate in a gymnastics class the same day. This program is for children ages 5 and older.

All students receive an instructional class each week. In addition, we also offer gymnastics related games and activity time out in the gym.  Your kids will have plenty to keep them busy until you arrive to pick them up.

Includes: pick-up, gymnastics, tumbling, trampoline, arts and crafts, study hall, snacks, and many other fun-filled activities.


Schools Currently On Our Pickup List

*Wards Creek Elementary

*Mill Creek Academy

*Picolata Crossing Elementary

*Palencia Elementary

*Pacetti Bay Middle

*Pine Island Academy

*Turning Point Christian Academy (No Wednesday Pickup) (No Interest – Will Add Back at a Later Date)


Cost Per Month 

(annual registration fee of $65 for the first child or $97.50 for an entire family)

1 day a week – $140 per month (1 complimentary class a week $80 value)

2 days a week – $200 per month (1 complimentary class a week $80 value)

3 days a week – $260 per month (1 complimentary class a week $80 value)

4 days a week – $300 per month (1 complimentary class a week $80 value)

5 days a week – $340 per month (2 complimentary classes a week $135 value)

Payment Rates & Policy: Each month is due on the 1st of each month and a credit card must be on auto pay to participate in our after school program. There is no prorating for missed days; your tuition is reserving your place on our van and in the program, regardless of attendance. If you decide to drop from our after school program before the end of the school year, a two week paid notice is required. We need to have time to find a child to fill your place on the van and in the program.


Rules and Regulations

Safety & Security: Our after school program children will stay in the gym or after school room, until they are checked out by the approved parent or guardian at the front desk. Anyone picking up your child must be on your child’s paperwork, and should be prepared to show ID if asked.

Special Discounts & Perks:

(Only for the child(ren) enrolled in our after school program)

  • We offer a 15% sibling discount.
  • We will pick up on early release days at no additional charge.
  • 10% off any pro shop purchases.
  • $25 off of birthday parties.
  • $25 off the weekly prices for any camps.
  • $5 off of any skill camps .
  • Add a 2nd weekly class $30 monthly and unlimited classes (1 per day you’re picked up) for $55 monthly

Proper Attire for in the Gym:

If you child is doing a gymnastics class, please make sure that they are properly dressed to be out in the gym.

  • Girls: Either a Leotard or Shirt and Shorts (no buttons or zippers),  hair pulled back, and no jewelry.
  • Boys: Gym Shorts with a T-shirt tucked in, and no jewelry.

Attendance Policy:

  •  It is the parent’s responsibility to notify us by 2 p.m. if the child is absent from school or will not be attending our after school program that day. We can’t leave a school without verifying the whereabouts of a child, and that takes extra time, and puts us behind schedule in picking up the next school. If we are not notified, you will be charged a $10 no contact fee. Look below at the ways you can notify us.

-calling and speaking to someone directly (not voicemail)

-texting your child’s van driver

-emailing Heather before 2pm

-letting us know prior in person

  • There are no make-ups or pro-rations for missed days of after school pickup.
  • While we do offer the flexibility of partial weeks, those specific days cannot be changed without at least 1 week notice in advance. We will also not be able to accommodate frequent changes to the number of days per week. Consistency is a requirement of our program.

Gym Pick Up Policy & Sign Out:

  • The school MUST be notified by the guardian that WGV Gymnastics will be picking up your child(ren). We will not be able to pick up your child without this being handled first. Please, check with your school’s policy on after school pickup.
  • After School pickup is over promptly at 5:30pm or 6:30 if they participate in a gymnastics class the same day. All parents and/or guardians are expected to pick up their children on time. If you are unable to do so, please notify the office that you will be late.
  • If parents are repeatedly late picking up, we will charge $1 per minute (per child) between 5:30pm and the time the parents arrive at the gym. Your credit card on file will be charged at the time of pickup.
  • If you are sending an alternate person to pick-up your child(ren), please make sure to fill out and sign a form authorizing the pick-up.  Photo identification will be required at pick-up. This is for your child’s safety.

Want your child to take extra classes?

  • There are complimentary classes included in each option for the after school program. Additional classes can be added for an additional cost. The after school camp instructors will make sure that your child reports to their gymnastics teacher when it is time for their class. After the class they will return to after school program.

Medication / Medical Forms:

  • Any medication that WGV Gymnastics employees will need to administer to after school program students must be labeled with your child’s name and turned in at the front office. They must be in a sealed container.
  • Children will not be permitted to have medication in their backpacks. Please, make sure to fill out a medication form at the front desk.

Sick Child Pickup Policy:

  • If your child is sick, we will contact you. We expect that your sick child will be picked up as soon as possible.

Cell Phones / Electronic Devices / Toys:

  • The use of electronic devices and toys during the after school program is not allowed unless they are being used for homework.
  • If these items are brought to the after school program and they get lost or stolen, we are not responsible for the items.
  • Students are allowed to call parents using the phone at the front office.

Behavior Guidelines: We do not allow physical aggression, bad words, or bullying. If we see it, we address it immediately. We expect the children to respect the authority of the staff, and comply with all instructions, directions, and requests. If we are having trouble with a specific, repeated behavior, we will notify the parent; otherwise, we will take care of any misbehavior at the time. Most of our rules have to do with safety and courtesy, and must be enforced so that all children can play together safely and happily.